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Rosemarie Schiller: “Walking the Walk” Opens at Art Space 98 on September 8, 2017

I have always been moved by our shared human condition. This is reflected in my current installation ‘Walking the Walk’ at ART SPACE 98, a visual commentary in three parts on Migration and today’s Immigrants.  I’m mainly using clay (smoke-fired), a material I’ve had a strong affinity with for years. Three canvas panels with story and a collection of pastel drawings are also part of the show....

Young East End Artists Exhibition Opens at Art Space 98 on August 11, 2017

Both young artists are native Long Islanders who grew up on the East End where they still live and work today.

TANYA K WILLOCK left for college and returned to her home town soon after graduating from SUNY Purchase with a Fine Arts Degree in Photography. She has since been working in local Art venues, while continuing her own art explorations in her studio in Springs/East Hampton...

“AFFINITIES” by Sarah Jaffe Turnbull July 7 to Aug 7, 2017.

Sarah Jaffe Turnbull lives and works on the East End of Long Island and is known for her expressive, intimate glazed ceramic sculptures which have been seen in various venues in the area. For her solo exhibition ‘AFFINITES’ at ART SPACE 98 the artist has created a new body of works. Her sculptures in glazed Stoneware, express acute awareness of present times and events. This strong sculptural statement is complemented with her recent photography in this show...

Gabriele Raacke has been living and working for many years on the East End of Long Island and has shown her extraordinary work extensively to great acclaim. In this show she is diving into her vivid, surrealist and humoresque imagery by using the technique of reverse glass painting. This type of painting originated in the Middle Ages,  spread from Central to Eastern Europe and later to Italy in the Renaissance Arts. Gabi’s luminous colors bring out an attractive freshness in expression and her works are great fun to be with.  Here is what the artist says about her art:

One doesn't often associate bull fighting with bucolic landscapes found seaside in The Hamptons. For artist Dennis Snyder, the link isn't farfetched, especially when considered through his admiration for the romantic and surreal sides of the Spanish poet and dramatist Federico García Lorca (1898-1936). Synthesizing both through the idea of querencia—

Big, brassy paintings such as Yin-Yang 1—with its bleached, bone-like form floating over a geometric re-interpretation of the taijitu (“divided circle”)—conveyed an almost tribal sense of decoration gone wild. Blazing hot tones on the upper half and cool blues cut with white on the bottom, the painting renders a jazzed version of the opposition of sun and moon.

Bühler who also has a Masters in Medical Science from University Zürich was always fascinated by the evolution of life: the journey from magma to single-celled organisms—to multicellular creatures—to fish—to mammals—to Homo sapiens over billions of years; as well as the development from egg and sperm—to blastula—to fetus—to a wholly differentiated living being. “For Billions of years, single-celled creatures had the planet to themselves, floating through the oceans in solitary bliss,” writes James O’Brien in Quanta Magazine.

Art Space 98, a new gallery located at 98 Newtown Lane in East Hampton, is proud to present its inaugural exhibition: People and Lost Traces featuring oil paintings and acrylics by Thomas Buehler, and clay assemblages by Rosemarie Schiller. Swiss-born artists Buehler and Schiller have a long history of working together in various media while maintaining distinct styles and artistic messages. In this exhibition Buehler’s vibrant colors are set next to Schiller’s dark clay figures.

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